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Offshore Site Surveys

From YMG

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YMG successfully collaborates with oil and gas companies, constructing telecommunication agencies, providing site surveys of the underwater pipeline & cables routes, terminals and drilling sites.
Seism acoustic section
Geological sample, prepared for study
Fragment of the record made when surveying the «BLUE STREAM» pipeline from Russia to Turkey
Fragment of the record made when surveying the «BLUE STREAM» pipeline from Russia to Turkey

Our main targets for the offshore site surveys:

  • Reliability of results providing guaranteed safety
  • Strict compliance with the work schedule
  • Feasible economic solutions

To implement that we apply the integrated approach with use of a number of techniques:

Geotechnical and geodetic surveys:

  • bathymetric survey (swath bathymetry);
  • dual-frequency seismo-acoustic profiling (HF and LF continuous seismic profiling);
  • side scan sonar survey.

Geotechnical surveys:

  • sampling;
  • geotechnical drilling & coring (sea depth to 50 m, penetration depth — to 150 m above seabed);
  • static probing;
  • sampling of seabed sediments;
  • laboratory studies of sediments.

Geophysical surveys:

  • magnetic survey;
  • high resolution CDP — reflection seismic exploration

Navigation and geodesic support:

  • planned fix of geophysical stations;
  • vessel steering along the designed lines.

At the initial stage before starting offshore surveys our experts try to reveal and assess potential problems with the route or on the site.

If necessary the area can be inspected by ROV.

During and after the survey the following processing and interpretation procedures are carried out:

  • comprehensive analysis and data processing;
  • seismo-stratigraphic correlation, interpretation and mapping of geological targets;
  • study of physical properties of seabed sediments including in situ sample analysis.

After completion of the survey the Customer is provided with all analog and digital data, recordered in the process of the survey together with a report and graphics.

Our customers and successful projects:

ISM Co, ALCATEL, France Fiber optic cable route survey (the ITUR project, the Black Sea, 1994 — 1995)
BSPC, Deepocean, NeSa, Petergas BLUE STREAM project, pipeline Russia — Turkey (the Black Sea, 1997 — 2007)
Lukoil-Astrakhanmorneft, Lukoil Site survey for the installation of a semi-submersible drilling rig «Astra», the Caspian Sea, 1998, 2001, 2002
MMS Petroleum Site surveys for offshore drilling in the Bulgarian shelf, the Black Sea, 1998
CGGE International, C&C Technologies (USA) Cable route survey, the East China, the South China and the Yellow Seas, 2000, 2001, 2002
Bouygues Offshore, France Comprehensive support of the construction of the offshore part of the CPC terminal, 2000 — 2001
JSC LUKOIL and CJSC «The Caspian Oil Company» Northern Caspian 1998 — 2004
Joint Stock Company «Kalmneft» Geotechnical studies for the installation of a submersible drilling rig in the North Caspian shelf, 2001
Joint Stock Company «Morinzhgeologiya», Lukoil Site survey for a gas pipeline route, Caspian Sea, 2003
CGGE International, for ALCATEL Submarine Networks / Fudjitsu Site survey for a fiber optic cable in the Indian Ocean, 2004
Joint Stock Company «KazMunajGaz» and «Tub-Karagan-operating Company» Republic of Kazakhstan, North Caspian, 2003 — 2004
Joint Stock Company Priazovneft Sea of Azov, 2005
«Zhambay» Ltd, «Ex-pro» Ltd Site surveys for the installation of a semi-submersible drilling rig in the Kazakhstan section of the Caspian Sea

In particular for the CPC Oil Terminal in Novorossiysk, YMG was involved in all stages of the project surveying the offshore part of the terminal before laying the pipeline, conducting hydrographical survey and the survey for identification of underwater obstacles, control over dredging, providing technical supervision over the construction of the underwater part of the terminal and the quality control of backfilling with computing the scope of the excavation work.